Sun City

About us

Who we are

Sun city Caribbean American restaurant brings Great food and Great Service to the Stone mountain community. Our ” Caribbean American” restaurant offers a Consistent and authentic flare to the  environment. 

We pride ourselves on taking  our time creating  so that when enjoying our food it is so delicious that you’ll want to sit around and talk about it, take pictures, and tell everyone you know  about the flavors that explodes in your mouth after each bite. We are for the community giving them a home cooked staple where they feel like they cooked it at home.

Why choose us​

We serve “authentic Jamaican flavors mixed with spices from the various cultures that make up Jamaica.” As it is with the Jamaican motto “Out of many one people,” so it is with the many flavors captured by our skilled chefs from many different parishes of Jamaica.

Our casual sit-down restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner in an atmosphere that is going to feel like you’re in Jamaica in your dining room only away from home. Come stay and dine with us or take it home, your wish is our command. 

Mission Statement:

To provide a casual and friendly atmosphere where u can get “Better Food Better Service” and authentic, and fresh Caribbean food and beverages. We present excellent service to all who bless us with their presence.